Bluffer's Guide to the Flight Deck - Flotation Toy Warning

Lushly arranged and often humorous, Bluffer’s Guide to the Flight Deck creates a dreamlike atmosphere of exploration and contemplation. No song seems to be in any particular hurry, with every minute is as relaxing and comforting as the last. Through whimsical lyrics, it constructs tales of childhoods remembered, strange heavenly dimensions, and fantastic revelations. Essential themes of the album are aging, determinism, fear of the unknown, and acceptance; strangely grand subjects for something that sounds so charming. Perhaps that’s why I find it such an easy album to love, it manages to walk a rare line between the humble and the grandiose.

Plot Summary

Everyday is the same for Sam on the family farm, until she wishes on a shooting star that something exciting would happen for once. Her wish is granted when a strange inventor shows up at her door begging for help, and in exchange, promises a life changing adventure where only one thing is for certain: that trying to understand it all just makes your head hurt