Kill For Love - Chromatics

My favorite album of all time, Kill For Love is sprawling and ambitious, lasting nearly 77  minutes. Its duration allows for an atmospheric arc to develop. After the introductory song establishes a cold bleakness, the album springs to life in a series of catchy, synthpop singles before dropping into a minimalist abyss. The rest of the album takes shape as haunting melodies and icy tones crawl their way back up to the energy the album begins with, but falter, settling in a melancholy that feels distant and detached. Though there is no concrete narrative, lyrical themes of city life, romance, escape, and loss are established in that order, seemingly coinciding with the different movements of the album.

Plot Summary

Adrift in the big city, Celia stumbles through her daily life as an english student. Milo is on the run from a dark past that is forever at his heels. By chance, their lives collide and, finding solace in each other's company, they vow to leave the city behind, but it won't be simple. Everybody's got a secret to hide, and some kill to keep them.