No Now - Clarence Clarity

Instantly intriguing in its obtuseness, No Now is an album unlike any other. Its bizarre instrumentation and songwriting coupled with undeniably catchy vocals, interspersed with abrasive passages of musical deconstruction and noise create an over stimulating experience. However, over repeated listens, every outlandish element feels necessary and supportive of the bigger picture of the album. The lyrics reveal themes relating to self identity and its construction through masculinity, Christianity, sexuality, and technology. Though initially confusing in its chaos, Clarence Clarity’s spirited delivery of funk-inspired vocal melodies pulls the listener through the album, continually delivering hooks that linger in one's head long after the album has ended.

Plot Summary

Welcome to No Now, resort of the future: utopia on Earth. Chet Dexter believes it to be otherwise. After waking up one morning able to walk on water, he believes he is the Messiah returned, but nobody cares. Society has fallen into a lull of bliss, eternally served by an automated government, and it’s up to Chet to preach the gospel truth.